Eco friendly Process

  • Vegetable Die.
  • Non Toxic Non Chemical process Adopted.
  • Usage of Recyclable paper.
  • Recyclable paper handles – it varieties.
Mission and Vision
To be leaders in the manufacturing of the environment friendly non -woven bags, contributing to a healthy green environment.

About Bag Factory

A dedicated semi auto mated paper bag manufacturing unit based in Bangalore with 2,000,000 bags a month production capacity started its operations in 2011, by a team of experienced business men in the field of printing and packaging industry.

The Bag Factory is acknowledged in the industry as one of the most modern in the region.

Besides, Quality check equipments, Offline computerized inventory control system, ERP software are installed to help the day-to-day activities. Which helps Bag Factory ensure quick turnaround time to meet the customer’s time lines and derive optimal results, leading to continued customer satisfaction.


Bag Factory follows the Terms of Engagement (TOE) laid by multinational brands. Which safeguards the individual rights, life safety and brand reputation it clearly specifies do’s and don’ts to meet the quality standards and deliverables.

We have some of latest Automated and Semi automated machines along with Digital Pre-press, Press and Testing equipments are computer controlled, ensuring a high degree of precision in the manufacture of print items. To support the output quality, Post-press is equipped with all the machinery required under one roof. We don’t No Outsourcing any part of our production process.

Our belief to provide value at each stage of the supply chain process, we have enable ourselves with ERP, for accurate, faster and time supplies of paper bag’s to our contracted customers.

Contracted client’s retail chains can ordered directly using our online facility which is connected to our ERP – Connect supply chain format. Direct retail deliveries across India can be facilitated.